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24/7 Casualty / OP Clinic

Round the clock services access to operation theatre for immediate treatment of patients


Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Which comprises of storing and dispensing medicines & medical devices advised by medical professionals


Clinical Laboratory

There are tests carried out on clinical specimens to obtain health information of patients


HDU ( High Dependency Unit)

Ward for people who need more intensive observation, treatment and nursing care


Fully Equipped operation

Advanced operation theatre with facilities available for almost all kinds of surgeries

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Quality Care

Patient safety is the base of high-quality health care. Nurses co-ordinate with the patient that reduce the adverse outcomes


Why Choose PNH?


(Parkroad Nursing Home)

ParkRoad Nursing Home is propabably the oldest hospital in Nairobi. It has been founded to provide quality care with cost effectiveness with sophisticated facilities ensuring that patients stay in hospital for only the period that is needed.

The hospital staff are second to none, our doctors and nurses are the most dedicated and caring people available, and we believe that a caring happy atmosphere is essential for the patients well being and acts in quick recovery.

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Our Services

ParkRoad Nursing Home provides care you deserve

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Optical Clinic / Shop

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